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Lecture name : A beginner’s guide to writing in English for university study.

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 Reasons why i chose this lecture:

Currently, I have a part time job at an English academy. Every Saturday, I go to Ansan to teach little kids English.

So far, it has been fan and joyful to hang out with little kids and teach them English.

When Peter gave snow class the assignmnet, I decided to find a lecture realted to improving my English skills.

Thankfully, I found the lecture called <A beginner’s guide to writing in English for university study.>

I thought this would be really helpful for me and for my part time job in the future as well.

To be honest, I am not a big fan of online lectures. However, lecutres from MOOC were very helpful and even enjoyable.

I believe that good thing about taking online lectures is that I get to save my time and the lecturers are usually good at teaching as well.

Therefore, I enjoyed the lectures and am willing to recommand MOOC lectures to my friends also!

Specific Lecture Review> The Stages of Writing an Essay.

In this lecture, there is a short video that expalins the stages of writing an essay.

As for me, I believe that knowing the specific steps for writing is important.

Thus, this video and the descriptions below helped me to organize the essay writing stages.


> Descriptions Below:

The stages of writing an essay 

There are different stages that should be completed when writing an essay. Completing each of these steps will help to make your essay easy to read, interesting and ensure that you answer the hidden question in your essay title. Watch as Seb explains the different stages.

In the next few steps we will explore these stages in more detail. It is important that you work through each stage carefully and in order – don’t rush ahead.

We are going to follow the example of one of our students, Chaohua from China. For each stage, we will first look at how Chaohua completed the stage with her essay, and then ask you to work through that stage with your own essay.

> My Opinion:

Watching this lecture and the descriptions definitely helped me with organizing my writing skills.

Even though I lived in Canada through my middle school & high school life, I felt like my Enlgish was not getting better because I speak Korean way more than English. Moreover, being able to write good essays is not the same as being able to spek English. Thus, this lecture was really helpful. ^____^

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TOP 5 Blog Posts from my blogging members & Peter ♥

This is my post about my top 5 blog posts from my blogging members & Peter ^_^

>Top 5

Top Five Eye Shadows for your Make-up from Ji-Eun.

Personally, I really enjoyed reading about Top Five Eye Shadows for your Make-up. Because nowadays, I am into eye-makeupJ so, reading about Ji-eun’s favorite eye shadows was actually helpful. To be honest, I always put on same eye-shadow because I haven’t found other colors that matches my skin tone and looks good. I am also planning on to going to ARITAUM to get some eye shadows soon. I especially want to try the Pure Radiant Shadow No.6 ‘Classy Mood’. This is because I tend to wear shiny eyeshadow, but I want to try some of the classic eyeshadows because it is Summer ^^

>Top 4

My Top 5 attractions in New York from Ji-Seon

Not only I enjoyed reading about five attractions in New York, but I also liked reading about her actual experiences in New York. I am actually planning on to travel in New York soon (possibly next Summer), So, reading about it made me even more excited 🙂 Also, I was surprised that Ji-seon went to New York through the school program. It is good to know that Sookmyung Women’s University provides such programs. I thought I should apply for these kinds of programs too!

>Top 3

Music for War from Peter Daley.

Last time, one of the presenters in snow class did a presentation about War and Food. When I saw her presentation, I was impressed that war and food were actually related. Then, I saw Peter’s blog post about Music for war. Peter even put YouTube video of the songs, which I really enjoyed listening to. I think it is amazing how music can help people to express their emotions. Personally, even when I do my assignment, listening to music helps me to focus better. So, this is why I chose Peter’s blog post about Music for War. ^^

Below is my favorite music in the war movie: Shindler’s List:John Williams, Itzahk Perlam.

>Top 2

Movie Review: Begin Again Review from Ji-seon.

As I mentioned above, I am planning on to visit New York next Summer. Thus, when I sawn Ji-Seon’s blog post about the movie <Begin Again> I could not love it more ! The movie’s background is in New York. I did not watch the movie yet, so reading her post about the film wanted me to really want to watch the movie. In the blog post, she also mentioned that two people’s communications important. I guess the movie has some nice story about two people’s relationships and nice songs in the movie. Moreover, the fact that Adam Levine is the actor in the movie makes me even more excited, because I am a huge fan of Maroon 5.

>Top 1

Going Clear: A Documentary about Scientology from Peter Daley.

Personally, I am also interested in the religious issues, including cults. This is because I went to Catholic Secondary School back in Canada. At school, I had to take a class called Religion. Thus, I had opportunities to learn about cults. When I saw Peter’s blog post about Scientology, it was really interesting. I have always been interested in learning about Scientology because the religion is not only unique, but also America’s famous actor Tom Cruise believe in Scientology. Therefore, watching the documentary was really interesting. Moreover, reading about Peters’ opinion afterwards was also fun. Peter mentioned that he is always going to like this movie too! One day, I really want to study about psychological aspects of why people believe in cult religions.

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My Top 5 Favorite Places in Seoul.

My Top 5 Favorite Places in Seoul.

To continue on my ranking posting, I have decided to write about my top five favorite places in Seoul 😀 If you’re looking for good dating places, you should read this post thoroughly 😉

 > TOP 5 : Garosugil


Garosugil, located in Gingham area, is for sure a good place to date or just walk around. In Garosugil, there are many great restaurants. The street is cleaner compared to other Seoul area. One of the unique restaurants where I went to in Garosugil sold the so-called ‘Chocolate Pizza.’ At first, I thought chocolate pizza would be weird. However, my friend kept insisted me to try some and it turned out that it was very delicious. Garosugil is also famous for shopping. So, If you want to go shopping and eat some nice food, why don’t you visit Garosugil?

 > TOP 4: Itaewon


Because my school is Itaewon, I go to Itaewon pretty often. (It only takes about 15 minuets to get there from school.) Many foreigners from all around the world live in Itaewon. So, If you walk around in Itaewon, you might be confused and ask your buddy, “Are we really in Korea right now?” Well actually, this is reason why I like Itaewon. (Guess where I would be when I really miss Canada or Western foods 😉  However, bear in your mind that foods in Itaewon tend to be more expensive than restaurants in other Seoul area. Sometimes people ask you for tips too!

 > TOP 3: Insadong 


Insadong is my top 3 favorite place in Seoul. Even though i love Insaong a lot, I ranked it the number 3 because it is a bit far from my home. One of my favorite places in Invading is the Bookchon Hanok town. I love walking around the Korean traditional houses and take pictures. Most importantly, there are some unique food, such as the long Ice-cream. What I also like about Invading is that every neon sign in Invading is written in Korean 😀 (even franchise restaurants!)

 > TOP 2: Hyehwa


If you love seeing plays or musicals, Hyehwa is the place you should visit. In Hyehwa (or Daehakro), you can watch Korean plays that are actually really good. Many actors live near Hyehwa. As for me, last time, a friend of mine and i went to see the musical <Farinelli> in Hyehwa. The actors and the actresses in the musical acted so well that I want to watch it again !

Also, If you go to Hyehwa, sometimes there are street performances near Maronie Park. Hyehwa is for sure the symbol of culture life in Seoul ^^

 > TOP 1: Sangsu Dong. (Cafe Street)

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My favorite place in Seoul is Sangsu Dong, especially the Cafe Street. Personally, one of my ways to relieve stress is going to a cafe by myself and reading a book. Even though I like franchise coffee shops, I prefer going to an individual cafe. The reason is that because individual cafes are all unique and have different atmospheres.

In Sangsudong, there are many individual coffee shops and you can choose to visit by looking through each cafe. Also, in some coffee shops, they have book shelter. If you want to go relax and read a book at a cafe, go to Sangsudong! >___<

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My Top 5 Favorite American Dramas.

My Top 5 Favorite American Drama.

Because one of my interests is culture, I love to experience and learn about other cultures by watching foreign TV programs. Also, when I was in Canada, watching American drama helped me a lot on learning English. Thus, for this week, I have decided to write about my top 5 favorite American Drama.

 > TOP 5: Suit


I recently started watching this show. I am currently watching season 2 🙂

The show is about two lawyers at work. The guy in the left in the picture is a fake lawyer and the one on the right is the real lawyer. These two men have interesting relationships. (You will know when you watch the show.)

I really like this show because in some way, this show motivates me. The fake lawyer is really smart and does great jobs at work. He can memorize things really quickly.  However, the other main character (the one on the right) has much more experience and is actually smarter than the fake lawyer. 

From the show, you can learn about lawyers lives and experience their work environment 😀

 > TOP 4: House


House would be an interesting drama if you like to experience doctors’ world. In the show, there are doctors and the main character named Dr. House who is a genius. In the show, these doctors take mysterious cases which are hard to solve. One of the impressive episodes that I have watched is when house saves a kindergarten teacher’s life.

I think it was impressive not only because it was the first episode, but also because the way how Dr. House solved the mysterious case was fun to watch! I really like this show!

 > TOP 3: Sex and the city.

SEX AND THE CITY: Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall.
SEX AND THE CITY: Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall.

This drama is a bit old but fun to watch especially for girls. I personally love this show because watching this drama helped me to understand more about Western culture. Also, because I do not like horror/scary programs,  i can always watch the show when I want to relax. Compare to the movie SEX AND THE CITY, the drama has more detailed character descriptions. Also, watching the drama first would help you to understand the movie better. The most exciting moment in the drama was when a guy character named Mr. Big and the main character Carry officially started dating! I recommend to you this drama, especially If you like to listen to women’s talk 🙂

 > TOP 2: Modern Family.


Here is my number two American Drama, This drama is basically about a family. Each character in the show has unique personality, which makes the drama so funny. Furthermore, I especially like this drama because you can observe various culture within the drama. For example, there is a gay couple, a wife from South America and adopted baby from China. Thus, this drama not only makes you laugh, but also help you to understand different world culture. The funniest scene in the drama is when a main guy character, Phil, tries to act like a cool father. In the show, he tries to speak like a teenager. I remember laughing so hard when watching the scene. 😀





Grey’s Anatomy is for sure my favorite American Drama. This drama is similar to House in a way that they both are about doctors’ lives. However, Grey’s Anatomy does not really focus on patients’ cases. Instead, the drama focuses more on doctors’ relationships and personal lives. I especially like season One to Four. One of my favorite characters in the show is Christina. In the show, Christina is chic and cold-hearted doctor. She always tries her best and also is very competitive. I admire her for this because I am not a competitive person and her personally is totally different than that of mine. In addition, I also enjoy watching love relationships in this drama. Overall, you really should watch the show, and you will know why it is my favorite drama 😀

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(World History) The Rwandan Genocide.

Article Link: The Rwandan Genocide 

1) Article Summary:

The article is mainly about the Rwandan Genocide. It has been over a decade since the cruel incident Happened. Even though there are organizations such as U.N Peace Keeper and R2P (Responsibility to protect), these organizations do not work the way they should properly. (Complex Sentence). I actually read both the article and saw the documentary, so I got to learn in detail about the Rwandan Genocide (Compound Sentence).

2) My Opinion:

Could Rwandan genocide be stopped if the global society helped them? We often say that the world is united, we say that we should corporate in order to make the world a better place to live in. Yet, when it comes to helping a nation, there seems to be some kinds of complicated rules. To be honest, although I knew about Rwanda genocide, I did not know in depth about why it happened or that not a single nation tried to help the innocent people. Thus, watching the film made me angry and sad. I could not believe how cruel people can be. However, one thing that I have realized is that the global citizens should learn a lesson from the incident and should feel guilty about not doing anything to help Rwandans. Not even the United Nations.

It is true that there are organizations such as the “R2P”, “UN peace keeping”, “UN peace building” and “UN peace making.” However, even though there have been different kinds of organizations, not a single organization could help stopping the cruel genocide due to different political aspects and agreements. (Compound Sentence). ( I believe that the Rwandan Genocide should not be reflected to politicians as a political matters to them. Because it is about human rights. It is about protecting and helping one another without expecting anything in return.

The producer who created the documentary said, “With the perspective of time, the Rwandan crisis can be seen as a crucial test of the international system and its values – a clash between the ideals of humanitarianism and the cold logic of realism and national interest.” (Complex sentence). I highly agree with his idea. It is time for the global society to build an arcuate and helpful organization that only takes care of situations like Rwandan Genocide.

Schools should teach students International History to be more aware of issues related to humanitarian and the wars. This will help global citizens to have their perspectives broaden of what is going on around the world. Most importantly, as mentioned before, building a solid and powerful infrastructure is critical.

3) Vocabulary

  1. 1. Exacerbate: (약화시키다) V. to increase the severity, bitterness, or violence of (disease, ill feeling, ); aggravate (

Sentence from the article: The RPF victory created 2 million more refugees (mainly Hutus) from Rwanda, exacerbating what had already become a full-blown humanitarian crisis.

  • Synonyms: intensify, inflame, worsen.
  • Antonyms: relieve,soothe,alleviate.
  • Example Sentence: “The symptoms may be exacerbated by certain drugs.”
  1. Referendum: (국민 투표, 총선거) N. the principle or practice of referring measures proposed or passed by a legislative body to the vote of the electorate for approval or rejection.

Sentence from the article: After a U.N. referendum that same year, Belgium officially granted independence to Rwanda in July 1962.

  • Synonyms: election, poll, vote, mandate
  • Example Sentence: “The changes were approved by referendum.” (
  1. Monarch: (군주) N. a hereditary sovereign, as a king, queen, or emperor.

Sentence from the article: By early 1961, victorious Hutus had forced Rwanda’s Tutsi monarch into exile and declared the country a republic.

  • Synonyms: emperor, sovereign, empress, majesty, king, despot, autocrat
  • Example Sentence: “He’s a hidden monarch, like king Arthur was.” (
  1. Related Links (Videos):

– Rwanda: What led to the genocide that occurred in 1994? 

A VERY Short History of Rwanda.

– Documentary: <Ghost of Rwanda>

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Movie Review

Movie Review

Movie Trailer:

Movie Information from IMDb:

In 1985 Dallas, electrician and hustler Ron Woodroof works around the system to help AIDS patients get the medication they need after he is himselfwith the disease.

Director:Jean-Marc Vallée

Writers: Craig Borten, Melisa Wallack

Stars: Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Garner, Jared Leto

Website resource:

Why I chose this movie: When Peter asked the class to write a movie review, this movie is the movie that popped up in my mind. Not only because I watched it recently, but also I have learned many lessoned from movie including the meaning of the gay rights and the main actor’s constant attempt to survive. I did not watch this movie on purpose, yet I was just resting at home and the movie was playing at the time. (Compound sentence) At first, the movie looked a bit old, so I did not want to watch it.(Compound sentence) However, somehow, I was dragged by the actor’s amazing acting and the setting.

Summary of the movie:

Basically, the movie is about the main actor, Ron Woodroof, who is sentenced with AIDS. Before he was sentenced with AIDS, The doctor told him that he will only live for about a month. Later, he realizes why he got an AIDS, so he gets really shocked and denies that he has AIDS at first. (Compound Sentence)

Ron loved to party, loved to drink and gamble. Back in the time, AIDS was not a well-known diseases, so at first, he denied that he has AIDS, saying that he is not gay.

However, as time goes by, he realizes that he is getting worse every single day. Thus, he decides to find cure methods by himself because he did not trust the doctors nor the medicines they give him.

Ron tries to find methods by going to the library and reading many books while meeting various people who are suffering from AIDS, to learn about AIDS in detail. (Complex Sentence)

One day, Ron decides to go to South America to get special pills for AIDS. On the way to South America, he somehow finds himself in a hospital. At the hospital, an American doctor tells him that if he takes good care of himself by consuming the right amount of vitamins and other pills, he could manage to live longer. He decides to follow his ideas and finds himself feeling better.

Ron comes back to America and sell those vitamin pills to AIDS patients. His business succeeds. Most importantly, he manages to live longer.

There are many episodes in the movie with people who Ron works with and a doctor. The movie sure is very interesting. Personally, because the movie describes the gay culture, I enjoyed watching it even more. (Complex sentence)

Types of aspects from the movie:

* Custom: Actors in the movie wear different types of customs.

-The main character: Ron wears cowboy like custom the whole time. He wears cowboy hat.

Rayon (Jared Leto): He is a man but dresses and talks like a woman. He loves to wear makeup and dresses. In the movie, he wears colorful makeup and dresses that are eye-catching.

* Accents: There are different kinds of accents in the movie.

  • Cowboy Accent: the main actor, Ron, has a strong cowboy accent.
  • Rayon: Rayon talks like a girl which makes him a unique character.
  • * Gay culture: Throughout the movie, I observed many gay couples and people who are trans genders. Before watching the movie, I was not aware of their cultures. Thanks to the movie, I could get a sense of their culture and heartbreaking stories by watching this movie.

Quotes from the movie.

Ron Woodroof: “Let me give y’all a little news flash. There ain’t nothin’ out there can kill f****** Ron Woodroof in 30 days.”

Richard Barkley: “Mr Woodroof, I’m afraid that you’re nothing more than a common drug dealer, so if you’ll excuse us…”

Ron Woodroof: “Oh, I’m the drug dealer? No, you’re the fuckin’ drug dealer. I mean, goddamn, people are dyin’. And y’all are up there afraid that we’re gonna find an alternative without you.”

(Quotes Reference:

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Coffee Culture – Aussie Coffee Culture in NYC – BreakThruTV [ep61]

Ted Video Link: CLICK!

1. Summary of the Video:

This Video introduces Australian Coffee and compares with American Coffee. In New York, Australian Coffee shops are becoming more famous. New Yorkers are paying more attentions to Australian Coffee more than ever. For example, there are some unique coffee called “flat white” and the “long black.” The coffee can be traced back to the Bluestone Lane, the coffee purveyors. This video shows interview with the coffee shop owners and show the viewer, where they get coffee..etc..

2. Personal Opinion:

Personally, I LOVE COFFEE. I drink it every day. One thing I do is that whenever I go travel, I go to the country’s coffee shop and try their own unique coffee.^^ Before watching the video, I did not really know about such thing as the Australian Coffee. However, watching this video made me really want to go to Australia and drink long black and the flat white coffee 😉 The video was very interesting that I watched other related links too! I think it is really cool that every culture possess unique styles of coffee.^^

3. Vocabulary

Purveyors (공급자) : A person who purveys, provides, or supplies.

●  Synonyms: Manager, Provider, Reeve

●  Example Sentence: “Our cities are saturated with fastfood purveyors..” (

–  Infatuate (얼빠지게 만들다) : 1. To inspire or possess with a foolish or unreasoning passion, as of love. 2. To affect with folly; make foolish or fatuous.

●  Synonyms: attrack, dazzle, vamp

●  Example Sentence: “Congratulate me, my friend, that I have thus overcome my feelings, and repelled the infatuating wiles of a deceitful girl.” (

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