Coffee Culture – Aussie Coffee Culture in NYC – BreakThruTV [ep61]

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1. Summary of the Video:

This Video introduces Australian Coffee and compares with American Coffee. In New York, Australian Coffee shops are becoming more famous. New Yorkers are paying more attentions to Australian Coffee more than ever. For example, there are some unique coffee called “flat white” and the “long black.” The coffee can be traced back to the Bluestone Lane, the coffee purveyors. This video shows interview with the coffee shop owners and show the viewer, where they get coffee..etc..

2. Personal Opinion:

Personally, I LOVE COFFEE. I drink it every day. One thing I do is that whenever I go travel, I go to the country’s coffee shop and try their own unique coffee.^^ Before watching the video, I did not really know about such thing as the Australian Coffee. However, watching this video made me really want to go to Australia and drink long black and the flat white coffee 😉 The video was very interesting that I watched other related links too! I think it is really cool that every culture possess unique styles of coffee.^^

3. Vocabulary

Purveyors (공급자) : A person who purveys, provides, or supplies.

●  Synonyms: Manager, Provider, Reeve

●  Example Sentence: “Our cities are saturated with fastfood purveyors..” (

–  Infatuate (얼빠지게 만들다) : 1. To inspire or possess with a foolish or unreasoning passion, as of love. 2. To affect with folly; make foolish or fatuous.

●  Synonyms: attrack, dazzle, vamp

●  Example Sentence: “Congratulate me, my friend, that I have thus overcome my feelings, and repelled the infatuating wiles of a deceitful girl.” (

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